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We Recycle Your Shingles

Building material accounts for 5% of all landfill waste.  Since 2008, we have recycled your shingles in an effort to cut down on landfill waste.  All shingle waste from your roof tear off is taken by Direct Source, Spring Grove to a drop off location, Rooftop Recycling in Elkhorn, WI.  It is sorted, ground down, and recycled into pavement that is used on our local roads.  We have helped pave over 100 miles of two lane roads over the last 6 years.   Our approach to sustainability is to replace your existing roof with the most durable products on the market.  Our shingle manufacturers carry a limited lifetime warranty, insuring that you will get a long life cycle out of your investment.

Green Your Buildings

Our approach to commercial sustainability is simple: energy savings and longevity.  We want you to get the most out of your investment.  That is why we are committed to providing the most advanced energy efficient material on your building. The “cool roof” material is Energy Star rated, and qualifies for tax credits. The products we use are engineered to provide long term performance and enhanced durability.  Our installation ensures you will have a sustainable roof, with energy savings and a solid warranty.

Proud Participants

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